The great majority of these planets are independent planetary states. However, an alarming number of them are becoming aligned with the Syndicate. It is advised that you refer to your SECTOR MAP for the most recent updates. Here they are as follows: (click for more details)

Name: Azure Dawn
Co-ordinates: -108, -280, -120
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: A small planet nestled between two larger ones, Esbatista and Keyops.
Name: Bird
Co-ordinates: -480, -480, -400
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: This is the farthest planet from Harmony. The planet itself is unique in that there are bacteria on the planet that mutate very quickly and are very easy to manipulate. Thus, the people of this planet have become very good in the biological sciences, and have developed bacteria that do all sorts of bizarre things. They are neutral in terms of the Syndicate/rebel war, primarily because they are physically so far from the hotbed of it all. High-tech planet, medium population.
Name: Ceddran
Co-ordinates: -40, -420, -160
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: This is an alien planet, though planet is a loose term. Really, it is a ball of loose bits of matter and lots of different gases all swirling together.
Name: Cylur
Co-ordinates: -160, 176, 216
Status: Syndicate
Compendium Entry: The largest of the three inner planets of the Syndicate is also the most heavily populated, but it is still a mining community, as far as we can tell.
Name: Emo
Co-ordinates: -216, 136, 120
Status: Syndicate
Compendium Entry: This small planet has limited quantities of fitzholnium, which are being mined as quickly as possible. It is one of the three inner syndicate planets.
Name: Esbastista
Co-ordinates: -152, -144, -200
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Large, powerful, and ambitious, this planet is near to Azure Dawn and Keyops.
Name: Finagle
Co-ordinates: -332, 220, 120
Status: Syndicate
Compendium Entry: Little is known about this Syndicate planet. It is one of the three primary population centers, and is also home to a large military installation.
Name: Haltrot
Co-ordinates: 80,-320, 120
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: More or less your standard planet in most respects. Medium to high tech level, space flight, etc. There are trace quantities of Fitz here. One company which more or less dominates the planet is D.I.C.E. Inc. (Definitive Ideas on the Cutting Edge). They have made quite a lot of money in the sale of Fitz based tools and weapons. The Dice company's logo is, appropriately enough, a six sided die, and appears with all of their products.
Name: Happenstance
Co-ordinates: -120, 120, 200
Status: Syndicate
Compendium Entry: The only known large-scale fully self-sufficient space station in existence. It appeared a few years back and is well-protected.
Name: Harmony
Co-ordinates: 0, 0, 0
Status: Friendly (home)
Compendium Entry: A small mining planet that alone produces three-fifths of all the fitzholnium tri-gem in the galaxy.
Name: Hemholtz
Co-ordinates: 24, 72, -136
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: A barren planet which has a methane atmosphere. This is a hard place to live on, because of the constant explosions of flame when a tiny spark happens. The methane atmosphere extends some distance beyond the planet, and ships that travel at high speeds (that is, speeds requiring rocket thrusters) stand a good chance of becoming flying briquette. Travel in this atmosphere must be done by pulse rockets (which are normally used for takeoffs and landing, not as severe so as not to damage the planet they are taking off and landing from).
Name: Hobbman
Co-ordinates: -96, -8, 120
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Medium to high tech level, large planet, reasonably close to Harmony. High population.
Name: Huygen
Co-ordinates: 120, -28, 136
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: This is a bland little planet, normal in every respect. There is nothing unique about it at all. However, the appearance of a place can often be deceiving, and there is a feeling that the people here are hiding something.
Name: Imbesi
Co-ordinates: -280, 80, 40
Status: Syndicate
Compendium Entry: A large Syndicate planet, it holds almost one-third of the entire Syndicate populace. Also a military stronghold.
Name: Keyops
Co-ordinates: -64, -142, -160
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Large and powerful, this ambitious planet is near Azure Dawn and Esbastista.
Name: Knormphell
Co-ordinates: 40, -40, 0
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Low tech planet, the inhabitants are savages and not at all aware of the existence of other life in the universe. Low population.
Name: L'll'y'yy'rww
Co-ordinates: 240, 160, -160
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: Planet of rough alien creatures, but vastly superior to humans in every way. Heavy psi powers, the population of this planet is separated into several sects, and every sect has a group mind. The sects are divided based on the skills of the members (medical, fighters, scientists, etc.). They are fierce warriors, and honor-worthy combatants. However, they consider the human race snotty and beneath contempt. Inhabitants of this planet are roughly humanoid.
Name: Nimbula
Co-ordinates: -240, 200, 320
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: This is the farthest planet from Harmony. It is in Syndicate space. The Syndicate has made it heavily industrialized, despite the high population. Pollution there is the worst in the galaxy. It is well-protected.
Name: Pfipfif
Co-ordinates: -40, 20, 80
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Small Fitz mining planet, independent. Produces about a sixth of what Harmony does. Deals mostly with the Syndicate. Somewhat close to Harmony.
Name: Pihzda
Co-ordinates: 80, -320, -40
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Standard planet, not really that close to Harmony, but one of Harmony's regular Fitz customers. Medium to high tech. Generally non-violent.
Name: Raryl
Co-ordinates: -256, 160, 96
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: One of the inner planets controlled by the Syndicate, this is a mining outpost much like Emo and Cylur. Nothing else is known, but there is widespread speculation about the nature of the mining community here.
Name: Rasputin
Co-ordinates: 120, 40, 0
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Small planet physically close to Harmony, this planet was populated with colonists from one of the two military planets of the three major planets in Syndicate space. They have mostly severed ties with their home planet. They are a high tech planet (because of their background), but are not terribly wealthy as they are still struggling to survive. They left Syndicate rule because they disliked the oppression, but will not openly oppose the Syndicate for fear of annihilation.
Name: Rimble
Co-ordinates: 248, -96, -48
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: A planet which caters to the hedonistic pleasures of everybody. Anything can be acquired on Rimble, as long as you have the money to pay for it. There is no government, it's every man for himself. This is a favorite hang-out for the worst elements of known space: pirates, mercenaries, drug dealers, tax auditors and foreign rocket-ship mechanics. There are several gangs, the biggest and meanest of which is the Miscreants.
Name: Soraya Nebula
Co-ordinates: 280, 380, -240
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: A huge gaseous cloud in one of the outer systems. There was once an important battle here, during the great wars. The significance of this battle did not survive future generations, and it's outcome and participants are unknown.
Name: Sve'n-gha'llywn
Co-ordinates: 320, -120, 320
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: This is a bizarre planet set right in the heart of a radio galaxy on the other side of Harmony from the Syndicate, and quite a ways away from Harmony as well.
Name: Tarso
Co-ordinates: -272, -120, 216
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: About two-thirds of this planet is inhabited by the Bahal commune. The Grand High Exalted and also very Groovy Kahuna is named Quishhan Bahal. The basic idea behind the Bahal faith is that whatever the High Kahuna says is straight from the lips of the Cosmic Chaos, so you better believe it. The Cosmic Chaos shuns all not of the faith, and thus the Bahal Commune has no alliance with either the Syndicate or the rebels. Medium population.
Name: The Eyeball
Co-ordinates: 80, 120, 64
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: The artificial computer planet I/g56-743, commonly known as the Eyeball. It was developed as an experimental defense system by someone during the wars; whoever built it never had a chance to activate it. It lies dormant just on the edge of the Syndicate's territory. The Eyeball has latent defense systems that the creators built. In addition to being a defense system, the Eyeball is suspected to be one of the greatest super-computers of all time.
Name: Thornwood
Co-ordinates: 0, 240, 0
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: This place enjoys a medium population, and a very green environment. High tech planet, but with little interest in space flight. Mostly a self-supporting people, so inter-galaxy trade is limited. The inhabitants of this planet try to do most jobs manually without sophisticated machines, and thus do not trade extensively with Harmony (not needing Fitz for machines as most planets do). They do, however, export a lot of food to the Syndicate military planets.
Name: Thyzahn
Co-ordinates: 216, -216, 216
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Rich planet, full of executroid type people who live for stocks, trading, etc. The planet itself is very wealthy, and while it does not have an army or anything like that, it has hired a very good crack command team to protect it from invaders. While not actually a member of the Syndicate, many of the extremely rich on Thyzahn have money invested in Syndicate operations, and would hate to see the Syndicate destroyed. Chairman of the Board for this planet is Temik Milhouse IV.
Name: Tool
Co-ordinates: -400, -80, 0
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: Where the best engineers in the galaxy can be found, Chief Engineer is Katrina Vannes. Basically a peace-loving planet, these people believe that the best defense is "I'm bigger than you are, so don't make me angry". Essentially, Tool makes the best weapons around, and everybody buys from them; the player buys all their starships from them and most of their weapons. However, they are also really cautious, and keep the best defense systems for themselves, making the planet very difficult to attack. This is a good place to find Engineering specialists; most of Harmony's research team studied here. Tool uses a good amount of fitzholnium, and is on friendly terms with Harmony.
Name: Uhll'mumay
Co-ordinates: -64, -64, 0
Status: No Data Avaliable
Compendium Entry: This planet was a known military outpost during the great wars, and was specialized to nuclear weapons. During the final stages of the wars terrible destruction occurred here, and everything went up at once. The planet was contaminated by radioactive fallout, it is assumed that there are no survivors.
Name: Zaphroxi
Co-ordinates: 480, 0, 0
Status: Neutral
Compendium Entry: A high-tech planet of snot-nosed scientists who believe they are creation's gift to mankind. There is no government of this planet, the governing body is the University of Zaphroxi, a most prestigious Math/Sciences university. Zaphroxi uses a healthy amount of fitzholnium in experiments, and so has established trade practices with Harmony; however, it would be incorrect to say the two planets are on friendly terms, as Zaphroxi is equally condescending to everybody.