Status: Neutral
Population: Low
Coordinates: -40, 20, 80

Compendium Entry
Small Fitz mining planet, independent. Produces about a sixth of what Harmony does. Deals mostly with the Syndicate. Somewhat close to Harmony.

General Info
Pfipfif was originally colonized by a military contingent from Nimbula and a mining team from Cylur for the purposes of producing Fitzholnium for the Syndicate planets. However, in 0173 Pfipfif declared it's independence as a separate planet and has stayed that way ever since. Perhaps the only reason that the Syndicate tolerates this is that more than half of Pfipfif's yield is sold to the Syndicate at a reduced price.

Military Info
Though Pfipfif is a Fitzholnium mining planet, it is not nearly as dense in the ore as Harmony is and so can be attacked directly from space. Once a Syndicate colony planet, Pfipfif is skilled in the art of warfare and keeps an active military force and a strong security fleet. In addition, there are several ground mounted installations at various locations on the planet.