The important citizens of the Galaxy will be knocking on your door, so we at Renegades Guide have provided a report on who's hot and whose not this week. Note that with all the local squabbles, territorial conflicts, back-stabbing, and secret plots this list may soon be outdated. Refer to your Televid for the most frequent updates. Here they are as we know them currently:

Harmony Staff

Name: Armor Uvgod
Role: Head of Research
Planet: Harmony
Stats: Intelligent, Organized
Bio: Graduated on the honor list from Zaphroxi, he then went on to complete a second degree on Tool. A brilliant theoretical scientist as well as an outstanding engineer. He has been working on Harmony for the last seven years.
Name: Elysia Sybarrite
Role: Governor
Planet: Harmony
Stats: Honest, Loyal, Intelligent
Bio: Graduated top of her class in business administration, worked as a law consultant for five years with Galactic Universal Kinetics. Born on Harmony, she was overwhelmingly re-elected governor six years running.
Name: Mr. Fredricks
Role: Head of SIN
Planet: Harmony
Stats: Competent, Loyal
Bio: Head of SIN, Harmony. Very little is known about this man other than the fact that he is very effective and very frightening. He ran, almost single-handedly, Harmony's security until recently. All other information is classified.
Name: Nowell Ainchrist
Role: Head of Mining
Planet: Harmony
Stats: Hard-working, Organized
Bio: Currently the last living descendant in the Ainchrist line, the many times great-granddaughter of the man to discover Harmony's fitzholnium richness, Noel Ainchrist. Though she inherited her current position, she is more than qualified and does an excellent job.
Name: Rackhert Gerschen
Role: Head of the Military
Planet: Harmony
Stats: Fair, Tough, Short-tempered
Bio: Head of Harmony's military program. He is a veteran of several skirmishes with L'll'y'yy'rww and Esbastista. Gerschen makes an excellent commander with finesse and skill that is unsurpassed. Loyal to Harmony and its overlord.

Other Planetary Leaders

Name: Dre'han Van Cott
Role: Commander in Chief
Planet: Esbastista
Stats: Vicious, Radical, Power-Monger
Bio: Commander in Chief of the forces of Esbastista. Van Cott has been responsible for many of the small skirmishes around the galaxy, as he is always seeking to expand his power. Harmony has contributed resources to fighting him in the past, but never engaged him directly. He has always dealt fairly in business with Harmony, recognizing the need for Harmony's fitzholnium.
Name: Eadna Ja'ak
Role: Tribal Chief
Planet: Knormphell
Stats: Primitive, Short-Tempered
Bio: The Tribal Chief of Knormphell. She is a minor mutant, so extremely strong she can beat most men on Knormphell. In addition, she has an extremely high pain tolerance, through contests of strength she was made head of the largest tribe on Knormphell.
Name: Glaska Terr'don
Role: Planetary Mayor
Planet: Thornwood
Stats: Honest, Naive
Bio: Grew up on a farm on Thornwood, where her hard work and endurance were quickly recognized. She started as a community representative and eventually became Thornwood's head speaker.
Name: Jennel Girgis
Role: High Coombacha
Planet: Rasputin
Stats: Bloodthirsty, Short-Tempered
Bio: Born on Rasputin, she holds the position of High Coombacha. She also received military training with the Syndicate forces, but later renounced them as incompetent. Through her unmatched fighting ability she defeated the previous Coombacha and is still undefeated.
Name: Jerov Laddry
Role: Syndicate Agent
Planet: Unknown
Stats: Deadly, Intelligent, Slippery
Bio: Known only by reputation, Jerov Laddry is the Syndicate's most powerful agent. He is apparently able to get in and out of anywhere without detection. Rumor says he has a private satellite as his headquarters, but its location is unknown.
Name: Jo Kelle
Role: Queen
Planet: Huygen
Stats: Dull, Conceited, Crafty
Bio: The Queen of Huygen, she was originally sixth in line to the throne. The five heirs in line before her met with untimely demises. Fortunately she seems content with this level of achievement, and has made no attempts to expand her power beyond the planet Huygen (yet).
Name: Joseph Annuber
Role: Bio-engineer
Planet: Thornwood
Stats: Brilliant, Ambitious
Bio: Head scientist for Thornwood. His family was killed several years ago in a severe storm and since then he has been completely devoted to his work. Graduated from Zaphroxi with honors, most of his work deals with increased growths for plants and crops on Thornwood.
Name: Katrina Vannes
Role: Chief Engineer
Planet: Tool
Stats: Determined, Ambitious, Intelligent
Bio: While in undergraduate studies, Vannes was one of Tool's top students, and pioneered an entire new branch of biological engineering. Her genius and inventiveness was beyond what Tool's professors had seen previously. With her tireless work and devotion it was inevitable she would eventually be Chief Engineer.
Name: Keif Bai-ley
Role: Prime Minister
Planet: Pihzda
Stats: Friendly, Honest, Compliant
Bio: The prime minister of Pizhda. Since his wife died several years ago, Bai-ley has had only two loves: his daughter and politics. He was elected on a platform of planet-wide peace. He is completely non-aggressive, and will always try to talk before acting. He seems completely trustworthy.
Name: Lai-Nor Egri
Role: Dean
Planet: Zaphroxi
Stats: Genius, Perceptive, Boring, Repetitive
Bio: The Dean of Zaphroxi. Egri's IQ is apparently just over 190, well over the previously highest naturally occurring IQ ever recorded. It is no surprise he heads the most prestigious institute for scientific knowledge in known space. He is generally helpful when possible.
Name: Maissa Pariag
Role: Executive Premier
Planet: Azure Dawn
Stats: Intelligent, Passive, Cheerful
Bio: Possessing virtually no natural resources of its own, Azure Dawn has still managed to flourish under Pariag's direction. She has nurtured the planet into a beautiful vacation spot, and has maintained a peaceful alliance with all other planets in the galaxy through careful negotiation.
Name: Nico Ronquillo
Role: Manager
Planet: Pfipfif
Stats: Helpfull, Passive, Naive
Bio: At the top of Pfipfif's very loose government, Ronquillo has been with this mining community for some time. His hard work and efficient methods are the only thing keeping Pfipfif from going bankrupt.
Name: Petra De Jonge
Role: President
Planet: Haltrot
Stats: Polite, Shifty, Intelligent
Bio: The president of Haltrot, home of DICE industries. Dejonge's interest has always been in keeping DICE prosperous, she has in the past only favored bills and doctrines that directly benefit DICE. Similarly, she has vetoed proposals that would likely damage DICE.
Name: Pixor Meunier
Role: Warlord
Planet: Keyops
Stats: Radical, Patriotic, Single-minded
Bio: While never a great leader, Meunier has always been a great supporter of other leaders. He commands the entire military power of the planet Keyops, and is currently loyal to Dre'han Van Cott of Esbastista. While they are currently non-active, past history shows they are liable to act aggressively at any time.
Name: Quishhan Gybesh
Role: Groovy Kahuna
Planet: Tarso
Stats: Pious, Long-winded, Friendly
Bio: His full title is the Grand High Exalted and very Groovy Kahuna of the Gybesh Commune, which he himself founded. He has been known to use drugs on his worshippers, to keep them compliant. However, by using his followers for agricultural projects he has vastly improved the economy of Tarso.
Name: Remy Sib'broue
Role: Secretary of the Board
Planet: Thyzahn
Stats: Unscrupulous, Vicious, Bloodthirsty
Bio: The highest stockholder on Thyzahn, he controls 51% of the planet's stock. His greatest pleasure is in crushing a fellow businessman. He will always seek to act in his personal best interests.
Name: Selwyn Larcher
Role: President of Dice
Planet: Haltrot
Stats: Intelligent, Untrustworthy, Greedy
Bio: Larcher inherited his money and his position as the President of DICE, but he is fully worthy of the position. The company has prospered under his command, but his favorite method of expanding the company is by hostile takeover of a rival. He is thoroughly unscrupulous in his business dealings.
Name: Sinn Somermaat
Role: Combined Gov Speaker
Planet: Hobbman
Stats: Open, Quick-thinking, Diplomatic
Bio: Somermaat represents the collected governments on Hobbman, and while she officially has no power, she is skilled at swaying the opinion of the governments to any solutions she perceives as the best solution for all.
Name: Temik Milhouse IV
Role: Chairman of the Board
Planet: Thyzahn
Stats: Intelligent, Cruel, Devious
Bio: Elected unanimously to his current position of Chairman of the Board of Thyzahn. Rumor indicates that this is partially due to blackmailing most of the key members of the Board. He is a major stockholder on Thyzahn, and reputed to have virtually no scruples when it comes to negotiating a deal.