Full Game (Zip File) - 3.9MB

Full Game (Iso File) - 13.9MB

Flash Intro - 1.4MB

Manual (Word Doc) - 176KB

Manual (PDF) - 1.04MB

Theme (MP3) - 630KB

Theme Remix (MP3) - 4.1MB

Thanks to Klutz for making the flash version of the intro that you can watch right here on this website.

Thanks to Tweaklab (one of my friends) for allowing me to host his remix of the theme.

If you have anything else related to Maelstrom, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

If you have any trouble getting the game to work, give DOSBOX a try. It's an emulator to run DOS games on newer PCs. Feel free to contact me if you're having trouble.