Status: No Data Avaliable
Population: No Data Avaliable
Coordinates: 248, -96, -48

Compendium Entry
A planet which caters to the hedonistic pleasures of everybody. Anything can be acquired on Rimble, as long as you have the money to pay for it. There is no government, it's every man for himself. This is a favorite hang-out for the worst elements of known space: pirates, mercenaries, drug dealers, tax auditors and foreign rocket-ship mechanics. There are several gangs, the biggest and meanest of which is the Miscreants.

General Info
Rimble is a planet devoted entirely to hedonistic pleasures. It is a haven for wanted criminals and smugglers. There is no formal government to speak of, the general practice is usually 'He that has the most money and the biggest gun makes the rules'.

Military Info
No military information avaliable.