Status: Neutral
Population: Very High
Coordinates: -400, -80, 0

Compendium Entry
Where the best engineers in the galaxy can be found, Chief Engineer is Katrina Vannes. Basically a peace-loving planet, these people believe that the best defense is "I'm bigger than you are, so don't make me angry". Essentially, Tool makes the best weapons around, and everybody buys from them; the player buys all their starships from them and most of their weapons. However, they are also really cautious, and keep the best defense systems for themselves, making the planet very difficult to attack. This is a good place to find Engineering specialists; most of Harmony's research team studied here. Tool uses a good amount of fitzholnium, and is on friendly terms with Harmony.

General Info
Though ruled by essentially a standard democratic government, Tool is really more a higher education centre than anything else. The inhabitants of Tool are devoted to the application of current technology. It is commonly known that the finest engineers in the galaxy study on Tool. The people of Tool keep mostly to themselves, interacting only with other planets for business purposes.

Military Info
Though it started as a normal planet in every respect, the inhabitants of Tool have modified the planet so much that is is unknowable what the original planet looked like. As Tool is the major supplier of military applications technology in the galaxy, one can only assume that their defense system is the finest avalibale. They deal with all customers, and as no one wished to lose the privilege of buying from Tool, they have never been attacked. It is rumored that the technology their army is equipped with is secret, and far more powerful than the merchandise they offer for sale.