Status: Neutral
Population: Medium
Coordinates: -480, -480, -400

Compendium Entry
This is the farthest planet from Harmony. The planet itself is unique in that there are bacteria on the planet that mutate very quickly and are very easy to manipulate. Thus, the people of this planet have become very good in the biological sciences, and have developed bacteria that do all sorts of bizarre things. They are neutral in terms of the Syndicate/rebel war, primarily because they are physically so far from the hotbed of it all. High-tech planet, medium population.

General Info
Bird has a special environment which stimulates the rapid growth f bacteria. As a result the inhabitants of bird have become very adept at tailoring organisms for a variety of purposes, and most of the technology of the planet is organically based. Bird has produced some of the finest biological specialists in the galaxy.

Military Info
Located far away from most other systems in the galaxy, Bird has never felt the need to keep a mounted force. Bird has a unique planetary environment, making it virtually uninhabitable for any but the natives who have spent many generations adapting to it, and for this reason the planet as remained unmolested as it is not very useful to any who would conquer it.