The Eyeball

Status: Neutral
Population: None
Coordinates: 80, 120, 64

Compendium Entry
The artificial computer planet I/g56-743, commonly known as the Eyeball. It was developed as an experimental defense system by someone during the wars; whoever built it never had a chance to activate it. It lies dormant just on the edge of the Syndicate's territory. The Eyeball has latent defense systems that the creators built. In addition to being a defense system, the Eyeball is suspected to be one of the greatest super-computers of all time.

General Info
The correct listing for this planet is PQXT 345/7H42, but for obvious reasons it is simply referred to as the eyeball. It is not actually a planet but a giant computer, built specifically for handling large-scale multi-permutation problems. It is not habitatble, but examination shows that to access this computer one must land on the surface and hardwire a direct link. It is believed the computer is still fully functional.

Military Info
This planet was a relic of the great wars, though the record of its original creators has been lost. The planet itself reportedly has active defenses, though there is no evidence of this. If there are indeed active defenses, they are probably quite advanced.