Status: Neutral
Population: Low
Coordinates: 0, 240, 0

Compendium Entry
This place enjoys a medium population, and a very green environment. High tech planet, but with little interest in space flight. Mostly a self-supporting people, so inter-galaxy trade is limited. The inhabitants of this planet try to do most jobs manually without sophisticated machines, and thus do not trade extensively with Harmony (not needing Fitz for machines as most planets do). They do, however, export a lot of food to the Syndicate military planets.

General Info
Thornwood has a particulary lush atmosphere, and most of the planet is covered with vegetation of some sort of another. Almost the entire planet is used for food production, more that half of which is exported to the Syndicate Planets. Thornwood is populated by fairly simple people who are happy to work and not get involved with politics if possible.

Military Info
Thornwood employs a larger than average security force, but is not really a warmongering planet. Rather, the starships are kept because it is only prudent to do so. However, they are good business terms with most of the nearby systems and have never been threatened.