Status: No Data Avaliable
Population: No Data Avaliable
Coordinates: -64, -64, 0

Compendium Entry
This planet was a known military outpost during the great wars, and was specialized to nuclear weapons. During the final stages of the wars terrible destruction occurred here, and everything went up at once. The planet was contaminated by radioactive fallout, it is assumed that there are no survivors.

General Info
Uhll'mumay was one of the worst casualties during the great wars. It was bombed heavily and is currently so radioactive that it is virtually unlivable. Satellite photos show the remains of a once great civilization, destroyed to the primitive stage. Uhll'mumay was an armoury during the war, and there is rumored to be huge quantities of weaponry and other war devices laying undamaged beneath the rubble.

Military Info
No military information avaliable.