Status: No Data Avaliable
Population: No Data Avaliable
Coordinates: 24, 72, -136

Compendium Entry
A barren planet which has a methane atmosphere. This is a hard place to live on, because of the constant explosions of flame when a tiny spark happens. The methane atmosphere extends some distance beyond the planet, and ships that travel at high speeds (that is, speeds requiring rocket thrusters) stand a good chance of becoming flying briquette. Travel in this atmosphere must be done by pulse rockets (which are normally used for takeoffs and landing, not as severe so as not to damage the planet they are taking off and landing from).

General Info
While there is no outside evidence of it, there may be some form of life on Helmholtz. The planet itself has a rich methane atmosphere, and any ship entering this atmosphere must take care to not ignite an area of it and destroy themselves in the process. For this reason the planet has never before been properly investigated.

Military Info
No military information avaliable.