Status: Neutral
Population: Medium
Coordinates: 120, -28, 136

Compendium Entry
This is a bland little planet, normal in every respect. There is nothing unique about it at all. However, the appearance of a place can often be deceiving, and there is a feeling that the people here are hiding something.

General Info
Huygen is ruled by a monarchy, and the Kelle family has been the ruling family for the last four generations. There is no formal rules of government, the members of the nobility do as they please and the peasants try and survive. There has never been an uprising on Huygen as the peasants lack the weapons and resources to pose a serious threat.

Military Info
Huygen keeps a small security force but has never been involved in any major conflict beyond skirmishes with smigglers. Starship captains must be members of the nobility, which limits the availability of good captains. The Huygen military tends to fight by the rules and with honor, generally to their disadvantage.