Status: Neutral
Population: Very High
Coordinates: 480, 0, 0

Compendium Entry
A high-tech planet of snot-nosed scientists who believe they are creation's gift to mankind. There is no government of this planet, the governing body is the University of Zaphroxi, a most prestigious Math/Sciences university. Zaphroxi uses a healthy amount of fitzholnium in experiments, and so has established trade practices with Harmony; however, it would be incorrect to say the two planets are on friendly terms, as Zaphroxi is equally condescending to everybody.

General Info
Zaphroxi does not have a formal government system. The entire planet is run as a learning institution, devoted to the study of pure and applied science, the finest research scientists in the galaxy have studied on Zaphroxi. The planet itself is artificial, and was designed by the university. It is not known why this particular shape was chosen, but certainly the Zaphroxians had something specific in mind. The ruling body of Zaphroxi generally keeps to themselves, interacting with other planets only when necessary.

Military Info
Due to the level of research that Zaphroxi maintains, they constantly upgrade their weapon systems. In addition, they have a high revenue due to the numerous patents that have originated from Zaphroxi. The inhabitants of Zaphroxi do not fight, rather the planet maintains a hired force of top-notch pilots.