Azure Dawn

Status: Neutral
Population: Low
Coordinates: -108, -280, -120

Compendium Entry
A small planet nestled between two larger ones, Esbatista and Keyops.

General Info
Azure Dawn is low in natural resources, but what little they have is untouched as hte planet is the galaxy's top tourist spot, and the government wishses to keep the landscape unharmed. As a result Azure Dawn has always been on good terms with Harmony. The are Harmony's primary consumer of Fitzholnium ore, importing almost one-third of Harmony's monthly yield.

Military Info
Generally a peaceful planet, Azure Dawn has never required any sort of a military fixture as they have always kept on good terms with everybody. Primarily a tourist planet, Azure Dawn's income is high but as they virtully no natural resources a large part of this income goes to importing basic staples.