Status: Neutral
Population: Very High
Coordinates: -152, -144, -200

Compendium Entry
Large, powerful, and ambitious, this planet is near to Azure Dawn and Keyops.

General Info
While Esbastista has always been a strong and ambitious planet, their major downfall has been poor government management. The emphasis on military power has always been too large, and other areas have suffered for it. Esbastista's main source of income is the supply of machinery and machine parts to many planets in the galaxy, including Harmony which purchases mining equipment almost exclusively from Esbastista.

Military Info
Esbastista has always been an aggressive planet, and keeps an active military force at all times. While their army fights skilfully as a unit, all starship captains are strong fighters singly as well. Soldiers in the Esbastista army fight fiercely, and to the death. The planet has been in many minor skirmishes with many of the planets in the galaxy, and while they have never been defeated, they have also never increased their power base.