Status: No Data Avaliable
Population: No Data Avaliable
Coordinates: 240, 160, -160

Compendium Entry
Planet of rough alien creatures, but vastly superior to humans in every way. Heavy psi powers, the population of this planet is separated into several sects, and every sect has a group mind. The sects are divided based on the skills of the members (medical, fighters, scientists, etc.). They are fierce warriors, and honor-worthy combatants. However, they consider the human race snotty and beneath contempt. Inhabitants of this planet are roughly humanoid.

General Info
Almost nothing is known about L'll'y'yy'rww. Virtually every time a force comes to investigate that are defeated by a vicious patrol from the planet. They will not respond to communication and give no warning before attacking, but L'll'y'yy'rww fleets never venture out of their own system.

Military Info
No military information avaliable.