Status: Neutral
Population: Very High
Coordinates: 80,-320, 120

Compendium Entry
More or less your standard planet in most respects. Medium to high tech level, space flight, etc. There are trace quantities of Fitz here. One company which more or less dominates the planet is D.I.C.E. Inc. (Definitive Ideas on the Cutting Edge). They have made quite a lot of money in the sale of Fitz based tools and weapons. The Dice company's logo is, appropriately enough, a six sided die, and appears with all of their products.

General Info
Haltrot itself is quite an ordinary planet in most respects. The planet is quite heavily mountainous, and small quantities of Fitzholnium can be founs. The leading industrial force on this planet is D.I.C.E. industries. (Definitive Ideas on the Cutting Edge), which is a large electronics and mechanincal device company. Though not as widespread as Tool, DICE controls a decent portion of the warfare industry.

Military Info
The Government of planet Haltrot does not keep a military force at all. However, DICE industries, which is the largest company on Haltrot, does. DICE imports a great deal of materials and top secret documents and keeps a very strong security force circling the planet for this reason.