Status: No Data Avaliable
Population: No Data Avaliable
Coordinates: -272, -120, 216

Compendium Entry
About two-thirds of this planet is inhabited by the Bahal commune. The Grand High Exalted and also very Groovy Kahuna is named Quishhan Bahal. The basic idea behind the Bahal faith is that whatever the High Kahuna says is straight from the lips of the Cosmic Chaos, so you better believe it. The Cosmic Chaos shuns all not of the faith, and thus the Bahal Commune has no alliance with either the Syndicate or the rebels. Medium population.

General Info
Two thirds of Tarso is controlled by the Gybesh Commune under the guidance of the Groovy Kahuna. He shuns most forms of technology, unless he feels that they benefit his commune. He does not believe in warfare and interstellar travel, nor will he communicate with anyone except for import and export reasons. The rest of the planet is run under more or less a standard democratic system, but the government of Tarso always acts in the Commune's best interests.

Military Info
No military information avaliable.