Status: Neutral
Population: Very Low
Coordinates: 40, -40, 0

Compendium Entry
Low tech planet, the inhabitants are savages and not at all aware of the existence of other life in the universe. Low population.

General Info
The inhabitants of Knormphell still believe in magic and gods instead of science, but make use of radio communication, tailored vegetation and water purification systems. They will not use technology for warfare in any way. There is no government at all, the people have divided themselves up into differnet clans that more or less leave one another alone.

Military Info
Knormphell is a savage planet, whose people have an odd combination of technology at their disposal. They will not use technology for warfare in any way, and as a result have no real military forces at all, on planet or in orbit. There has never been a problem with attacks on this planet, as there are no real resources. However, it has been reported that various remote parts of the planet are favorite hide-out for smugglers.