Status: Neutral
Population: High
Coordinates: -64, -142, -160

Compendium Entry
Large and powerful, this ambitious planet is near Azure Dawn and Esbastista.

General Info
During a dispute over orders, a fifth-rank officer took several platoons of soldiers from a military base on Finagle and colonized Keyops. Unfourtunately, the ranking officer had no ideas about government and hence the planet is run like a huge military base. In the past Keyops has worked to form an alliance with Esbastista, where Keyops would provide a strong back-up support for Esbastista's forces and in return Esbastista would help govern Keyops in a more intelligent manner.

Military Info
Keyops was colonized by a faction of soldiers from Finagle, a planet in the Syndicate sector of space. Keyops is run like a military camp, but the planet lacks a truly effective commander. There is alway a strong starship force ready for battle, but without strong leadership keyops is not a terribly aggressive planet.