Status: Neutral
Population: Medium
Coordinates: 80, -320, -40

Compendium Entry
Standard planet, not really that close to Harmony, but one of Harmony's regular Fitz customers. Medium to high tech. Generally non-violent.

General Info
The people of Pihzda are quite open and friendly. The current prime minister has been in power for the last eight cycles, on a platform of planet-wide peace. The Pihzda people are heraleded throughout the galaxy as top-class negotiators, and are ofen called to other planets to negotiate between opposing factions.

Military Info
Pihzda is a non-violent planet and is a firm believer in negotiation before battle, this has saved them in many circumstances. Indeed, many people feel that the Pihzda government will sooner give in to demands than fight. They do, however, keep a basic security force mounted at all times.