Status: Neutral
Population: Very High
Coordinates: 216, -216, 216

Compendium Entry
Rich planet, full of executroid type people who live for stocks, trading, etc. The planet itself is very wealthy, and while it does not have an army or anything like that, it has hired a very good crack command team to protect it from invaders. While not actually a member of the Syndicate, many of the extremely rich on Thyzahn have money invested in Syndicate operations, and would hate to see the Syndicate destroyed. Chairman of the Board for this planet is Temik Milhouse IV.

General Info
Thyzahn is more a corporation than a planet or government. The common goal of the population is to earn as much money as possible before you die. The cost of living on Thyzahn is higher than anywhere in the galaxy, even though every square meter of space on the planet has been covered with buildings. Thyzahn will never act to help any other organization unless they gain an appreciable return in the process.

Military Info
Thyzahn does not have its own army as such, but employs the best security force that money can buy. A very wealthy planet, the board of directors of Thyzahn is very prudent in this area and goes to extremes to protect itself and the various business VIP's that are flown to and from Thyzahn.