Status: Neutral
Population: Very High
Coordinates: 120, 40, 0

Compendium Entry
Small planet physically close to Harmony, this planet was populated with colonists from one of the two military planets of the three major planets in Syndicate space. They have mostly severed ties with their home planet. They are a high tech planet (because of their background), but are not terribly wealthy as they are still struggling to survive. They left Syndicate rule because they disliked the oppression, but will not openly oppose the Syndicate for fear of annihilation.

General Info
During a conflicf on Imbesi in 0153, a group of people were given the choice of being executed for treason or leaving the planet and never returning. They chose to leave and settled on Rasputin. Though they generally shun Syndicate ways, the culture of the planet is still similar to that of their native Imbesi. While the people do not seek revenge, they live in fear that the Syndicate will some day return to reclaim them.

Military Info
With an almost paranoid fear, Rasputin is always ready for war. They are not, however, an aggressive planet. The original colonists had been brutally oppressed on their home planet before settling here. They prefer battle to negotiation, but once a victor in the battle has become apparent, they are willing to stop and deliberate. They keep a strong active military, and every able-bodied person on the planet is held in reserve should a full-scape battle become necessary.