WAY WAY WAY back in 2003 I was sitting at TAFE, rather bored. And it suddenly occured to me to try and find out what the people who had made Maelstrom were doing now, and if they had made any other games. So I dug out a copy of the Manual, and started searching people's names on the net. I never really expected to find them.

But I really struck gold. Not only did I find Andy Blau, the guy who created the story for Maelstrom (and the story is awesome), but I also found his email. I couldnt believe it. So I emailed him, and I got a reply.

Here is the correspondance (it is actually a reply to two different emails I sent to two different addresses I found).

Hey JP,

> I am looking for an Andy Blau who was partly responsible for
> makeing a computer game called Maelstrom. It was made a few years
> ago, back in the good old days of DOS, and the maual credits Andy
> Blau and writing and designing the game. If this is you I'd love
> to hear from you.

This is me. Wow - I haven't thought about Maelstrom in *ages*. I have
a copy of it somewhere, though you couldn't possibly play it on any
machine you'd have nowadays, without clocking it way down.

> I found your website when I put the name Andy Blau into Google. I
> doubt there are too many people with that name, but you probably
> arent the person I am looking for. I am looking for an Andy Blau
> who designed and wrote a computer game called Maelstrom quite a
> few years ago. Would this happen to be you?

Actually, this is me, too. I get around. I believe the only other
commonly found 'Andy Blau's on the net are the one who's the track and
field star, and the other who's an anti-porn lobbyist.

Okay, you've found me. And now...?

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